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- your picture and sound as the artist intended

Home Theatre Calibration

"If it not calibrated, it's not art correct"

Our Why: " If you want to experience the artist's intent from the production studio to your home. Every link in the system chain, including your viewing and listening space, must be transparent to the source. ie. neither should take away or add to the original message."

Surely, the manufacturer has the TV/Projector correctly at the

The manufacturer knows that the first place the TV set will be turned on and displayed is in a competitive retail environment.

In order for their set to compete favorably with the number of other sets on the floor, the manufacturer defaults their picture settings at the factory to maximum light and color output.

Furthermore, when you look at the television display wall in the store all the pictures look slightly different even though they are all coming from the same picture source.

How is this possible and which television is showing the right picture - the picture that was created by the director?

When you bring your new television home and watch it at the manufacturer’s default setting this is like running a new car with the pedal to the metal every time you take it for a spin. 

For the television, this will mean operating under high electronic stress conditions resulting in reduced life of the set, higher energy consumption and for you a serious less than accurate viewing experience.

So the question now becomes, what is the correct television setting for your room?

Be assured that there is an ideal setting for your TV to ensure that you are getting the best picture based on its source and its environment.

Finely Tuned Technologies we will do the research for you, make the necessary adjustments to your television and guarantee optimum performance for the life of your TV.

Benefits Of A Properly ISF Calibrated TV.

  1. Displays a sharper focused, full resolution image.
  2. Shows full detail in both the darkest and brightest parts of all scenes.
  3. properly matched to the video system and the viewing environment.
  4. Produces a full range of accurate as defined by the HDTV and UHDTV standards.
  5. Produces a "film look" comparable to 35mm pictures and professional cinema theaters.
  6. Reproduces picture subtleties as the cinematographer intended.
  7. Minimizes picture artifacts (distortions).
  8. of the TV.

Surround Sound Audio Calibration

“... the room is the final audio component...any improvement is a tremendous asset to both and customers. Those people who know how to elicit good sound from loudspeakers in a room...are the ones who can truly serve their customers, by delivering something tangible: great sound.”


Floyd E. Toole

Try watching a movie with the sound turned all the way down. This may improve your skills but will also mean you will lose a high percentage of the total movie experience.

Speaker placement, speaker balance speaker output level are all an integral part of a correctly set up surround sound system.

The acoustics of the space is another key component in

Our expertise in system setup will ensure that your experience will always be true to the artist’s intent.

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  1. Superb dialogue detail and surround experience at all playback levels.
  2. Eliminates listening fatigue due to inefficient system setup and poor room acoustics.
  3. Experience the movie as the director intended.