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Home Theatre Systems Design and Installation

Finely Tuned Technologies brings over 30 years of home theatre systems design, installation, and calibration experience to your dream project. 

Not sure where to start?  We can help.

Let us assist you in building your Home Theatre or Media Room. 

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Home Theatre/Media Room Design 101 

Home Theatre Equipment Purchase Consultation

Call us first! The right product purchase makes all the difference. 

Let us help you select a new TV, projector or surround sound system that delivers maximum benefit based on both your budget and unique viewing environment.

Professional and Consumer TV, Projector and Computer Monitor Calibration,

THX, Dolby Atmos Digital Surround Sound System Calibration

Our combination of decades of hands on experience coupled with the most current calibration hardware and software is your absolute guarantee that you'll experience the artist's intent from each and every playback moment. 

We follow strict industry and engineering guidelines to ensure optimum performance of all your media systems.

We guarantee maximum and accurate performance from your investment.