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Finely Tuned Technologies

- your picture and sound as the artist intended

About Finely Tuned Technologies

Owner operator Richard Stokes has over 25 years of experience as an ISF dealer, as well as an extensive teaching background in ISF certification classes. His multi-disciplined audio-video industry experience spans 45 plus years.

Over the years, Richard has mastered his craft by becoming a certified electrician, an electronic technician, an audio and video production engineer and an ongoing student of current technologies.

Richard moved from Ireland to Vancouver Canada in the early nineties where he specialized in audio-video program production. Shortly thereafter he began working in the home theatre industry with the focus on system design and training. It was through these two disciplines that he knew his passion for recreating the artist’s intent could be realized.

Along this path, Richard has had the opportunity to work closely with the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) as an ISF instructor and field calibrator. 

Richard has also trained at the Lucasfilm Skywalker Ranch in California to ensure a solid foundation in home theatre surround sound setup and calibration.

Collectively all of his educational and practical experiences in the picture and sound business have highlighted one golden rule for him.

‘If you want to experience the artist's intent from the production studio to your home living room then every link in the chain including the space itself, must be transparent to the source and not add or take from the message of the original content.’

This is his passion, and his value to you is to ensure that all of the elements that comprise your system will follow this golden rule.